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Tax Resolution Services

RETAG (Real Estate Tax Advisory Group) helps real estate professionals solve tax problems and reduce taxes through proactive planning.

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Tax Problems We Help Solve

Get help dealing with an IRS tax audit, liens, levies, and more.

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Trusted Tax Relief Solutions

File back taxes, reduce penalties, set up a reasonable payment plan.

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Proactive Tax Reduction Planning

Reduce tax exposure with a proactive strategy to decrease tax liabilities.

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Why Work With a Tax Coach?

Take advantage of legal tax breaks and loopholes to reduce taxes.

Solve Tax Problems and Reduce Taxes

RETAG (Real Estate Tax Advisory Group) is a full-service tax resolution firm that resolves IRS and State tax problems for real estate professionals. Our firm employs experienced tax advisors, CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys to represent our clients. Our mission is to put an end to tax problems by negotiating the lowest possible settlement allowed by law as expeditiously as possible. We navigate the maze of IRS regulations on a daily basis and know how to get excellent results. We'll make sure you understand your rights and explore all the tax relief options available to identify the best course of action for your needs and circumstances.

To continue to manage your tax burden, we offer the skills of a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) to provide tax planning and preparation services. When you become our client, we'll show you how to leverage legal and ethical tax loopholes that bring the highest tax savings possible.

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Who We Serve

We focus on working with realtors, real estate investors, and construction contractors.



Instead of fighting the system we show business owners how to take advantage of legal tax loopholes and deductions that dramatically reduce taxes.

real estate investors

Real Estate Investors

Our proven methods for minimizing taxes enable real estate investors to pay the lowest amount of tax possible and increase personal wealth.



We empower construction contractors to decrease taxable income, minimize risk of an audit, and achieve long-term financial goals.

Real Estate Tax Relief Team

Our experienced team includes a Certified Tax Coach (CTC), Enrolled Agent, and Tax Attorney. Learn More

Melinda Tolbert

Real Estate Tax Strategist

Josie Harris-Walton

Tax Attorney

Natarsha Armour-Johnson

Tax Advisor

Erica Heyward

Tax Advisor
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