IRS Tax Problems

When your unpaid taxes reach a certain threshold, the IRS will become very forceful in their collection tactics and can make your life miserable until you find a way to pay. They can hit you with exorbitant penalties, garnish your wages, or even use a levy to seize your property in an effort to pay the tax debt. If you’re experiencing one of these tax problems or any of the others listed below, contact RETAG (Real Estate Tax Advisory Group) now at 888-829-7584 for straightforward tax advice and a timely solution.

IRS Tax Audits

When up against a trained IRS tax auditor, a taxpayer is at a distinct disadvantage if they’re on their own. We can level the playing field by representing you in front of the IRS.

Tax Liens

Tax liens can hurt your credit score and keep you from getting a mortgage or car loan. We know how to get a lien released so it will be removed from your credit report.

Tax Levies

The IRS has the legal ability to levy your wages, property, bank accounts, and even your retirement accounts. We can work with them to find a better way to pay off your tax debt.

Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS considers payroll taxes to be their money before it ever leaves your hands. If you haven’t paid them on time and are facing steep penalties, we will take action to settle your tax debt fairly.