Tax Relief Solutions

If you're experiencing tax problems, RETAG (Real Estate Tax Advisory Group) can find a permanent solution that will stop the intimidating letters and phone calls from the IRS. Our tax professionals have a wealth of experience and insight on IRS tax relief alternatives and we'll put that knowledge to work for you. We'll identify the right strategy to resolve your IRS problems and will execute a plan of action to reduce and pay off your tax debt so you can make a fresh start. Call us now at 888-829-7584 or request a consultation through our website to get the tax help you need from a tax accountant you can trust.

Back Taxes and Failure to File

If you’ve failed to file your taxes for multiple years, ignoring the IRS won’t make your tax bill go away. We can help you gather missing paperwork, file your back taxes, and work hard to reduce penalties.

Offer in Compromise

For taxpayers that feel the amount of their tax bill was unfair or for those who cannot afford to pay because of an economic hardship, an offer in compromise could be the remedy for your tax problems.

Installment Agreement

If you owe back taxes, penalties, and interest but don’t have the money to pay all at once, we may be able to arrange for an installment agreement that will allow you to pay off your tax debt over time.